Save East Wilton Manors


We are being heard and taken seriously. This article appeared on the cover of the Local Section of the Sun-Sentinel on Sunday. It is great to see the exposure for our opposition. Click here to read the full story.

In this article, the developer's specs and the plans we recently aquired are not in sync. Here they say there will be a bar (not the 5 we counted on the plans) and that the nightclub is on 26th Street so there will be no sound eminating from the building (we still see a rooftop disco and the 26th Street club has a terrace that is outside directly across the street from a retirement home). Now they are saying that the resort is only 3 stories on the residential sides. What it seems they are not saying, is that those three stories are on TOP of a 20' high garage! The $80 million cost has now become $60 million ($172 per square foot for a so called '5-Star' resort? Not likely).

None of this really matters because it simply does not belong there. No matter what size or configuration or noise level, it just does not belong in a residential neighborhood... any residential neighborhood.


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