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Dear Neighbors,

Our East Wilton Manors Neighborhoods are under attack from a development called G Resort that is proposed for the Church of Science property located at the corner of NE 26th Street and NE 15th Avenue. This property is currently zoned for community property, and the developers of this resort are asking for a zoning change from the City of Wilton Manors for a PUD - a Planned Unit Development, which will, effectively, remove ALL zoning restriction from this property.

The G Resort development was originally planned for the Yawt Trailer Park property on NE 24th Street next to the railroad tracks, but due to an inability to close the deal on that property, the developers now have their crosshairs on our neighborhoods. The trailer park property is a distressed property that is sandwiched between a commercial/industrial area and multi-family and single family homes.

A working group of concerned residents has been formed to keep our neighbors abreast of developments as they occur. We have named ourselves SAVE EAST WILTON MANORS. We are not against the project per se, but rather against placing it in a residential neighborhood where it does not belong.

Some facts you should know:

  • Save East Wilton Manors does not oppose the concept of a gay resort in the City of Wilton Manors.
  • East Wilton Manors is an established, vibrant, high value residential neighborhood.
  • G Woldwide Resorts proposes to build a 350,000 square foot entertainment resort complex featuring over 112 hotel rooms; 26 time share units; an 8,000 sq. ft. conference center; 5 night clubs and/or bars; restaurants; some retail units; a movie theater; and an outdoor rooftop night club and party center. (Current revised plans state a total of 113 units but you can clearly count 117 units on the plans).
The site plan for G Resort indicates that:
  • The proposed building on the property will be 65'-75' high. The perimeter of the property will be built to 10' set backs on residential streets. (Note on the 10' setback: the lastest revised plans show the foundation moved to 15' from the property line but the floors above extend out to the 10' line by overhanging the first floor). Only 525 Valet Only parking spaces will be available for the entire complex.
  • The main entrances will be on NE 26th Street and NE 15th Avenue and on NE 16th Avenue.
  • Trash removal and commercial supply loading docks will be located on the residential NE 16th Avenue.
The developers of G Resort have stated that this project will increase the property value of the East Wilton Manors Neighborhoods.

The SAVE EAST WILTON MANORS neighbors believe:

  • An entertainment resort complex of ANY size is inappropriate for ANY residential neighborhood.
  • 65'-75' high walls on all residential streets will transform a thriving residential neighborhood into what will effectively be back alley streets, block natural light to surroundings residences and perpetuate areas of crime, drug problems and prostitution.
  • This development will multiply 10X the amount of traffic into the surrounding neighborhoods. Traffic flow into the complex will be on a residential street (NE 16th Avenue) and traffic in and out will be from the corner of NE 26th Street and NE 15th Avenue, thereby causing extreme traffic snarls and driving safety hazards.
  • Due to a lack of adequate parking spaces for this complex, overflow parking will move to our neighborhood streets and vacant business spaces.
  • Industrial traffic, including trash removal and large truck delivery on a residential street will cause extreme noise; unpleasant odor; and present a safety hazard to foot traffic.
  • The outdoor rooftop night club and party center will create noise that will travel for blocks and destroy the ability of area residents to enjoy being outdoors in their own private yards or sleep at night.
  • This complex on this site will significantly decrease the property value of all surrounding properties. A decrease in the property value of the high value surrounding neighborhoods will more than offset any increase in tax base from the resort.

In closing…
We seek YOUR support against this hotel, resort, entertainment and conference center complex at the location of NE 26th Street and NE 15th Avenue. We believe this project will negatively impact all aspects of the quality of life we enjoy in East Wilton Manors.

Please sign the petition and ask all your neighbors to join SAVE EAST WILTON MANORS.


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